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A Poem for Earth Day: Skeleton Earth

In the spirit of Earth Day, I’d like to share a WIP poem that fits the theme for the day. It’s still rough around the edges and I’ll likely revise this post to reflect any changes as I work them out. So without wasting any more of your time, here it is:

Skeleton Earth


The flesh upon this skeleton earth

is scattered thin and withered clean,

decay brought forth by a dominant thing,

that slurped and fed ’til all were dead.


But something yet remains

within its heart so deep.

Like a cosmic sphere of bone

it churns the marrow at its core,

molten rock that sings

with heat and surging steam.


New bonds form from littered remains,

and a seed soon feels the need

to stretch its roots and run,

to sprout from out the crust,

at last to know the sun.


The wind will blow

like whispers from the grave,

their molecules joined in synthesis,

paving way for dawning day

to embark this grand new genesis.


Success Doesn’t Mean “Selling Out.”

I heard a conversation on the radio about bands becoming too successful and “selling out.” At one point in the discussion, they said there are many who claim that a certain little rock band called Metallica had sold out the day they made their first music video. When I was younger I believe I shared this opinion to some degree,  that when an artist or band I liked became popular they had indeed “sold out” and were now by default corrupted by the evil swine of the industry. Of course, I don’t readily believe that anymore.

But this got me thinking about my own desire to become successful as a writer. I’m not going to lie, I would love to be hugely, massively successful. That would mean my work has been accepted and loved, and that it is being read by lots and lots of people. That’s what any writer wants, isn’t it? To be read? And further, to be read by as many people as possible? (We’re a conceited, self-centered bunch, I know.) I believe writers must always write for themselves initially, but there comes a time in a written works life, after it’s been polished from a turd into a sparkling diamond, that it needs to strut its stuff in front of the masses.

So I wonder, if I ever were to achieve such an astounding feat as to become a very successful author, could people accuse me of this “selling out” business? Sure. And many probably would. But I believe the only way a person can truly “sell out” is to sell out to themselves. What I mean is that in order for a person to “sell out” as it’s put, they have to stray away from being true to who they are in their own artistic work. I hate when judges on these competition t.v. shows tell a contestant something like, “I’m sorry, I didn’t like your last performance. It’s just not who you are.” Okay, Mr. Reality T.V.  Show Judge, how do you know who this person is? So you’ve watched them perform like 3 times for 3 minutes each and now you claim to have seen and understand the complexities of their entire artistic vision, perhaps even their very soul? Nonsense.

I’m ranting a bit, so I’ll sum up. In any artistic endeavor, just stay true to yourself and do what you do. If success claims you, bleeping enjoy it! Continue to stay true, and if others want to come down on you for that, understand they are simply jealous of your success, so you can sleep easy at night and just (silently, or not) tell them all to go sod off.

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