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Prediction: Five Years, Five Books

Just for fun, I’m making a little prediction. Are you ready for it? No? Okay then, here it is:

Beginning from January 2012, I will publish five books in the span of five years.

Since I am not in any way Psychic (although I do occasionally have these dreams… er never mind), I suppose you could call it a goal of sorts and not actually a prediction, but that’s a debate for another post. I’m giving myself the remainder of this year to finish my final semester, graduate, and (hopefully) settle into a full time job. Once the new schedule pans out, I’ll slip into a good writing routine (fingers crossed). I’ve already got a few books planned, so I don’t see it as being too far out of reach to publish (or have published) an average of one book per year for the next five years.

Now I’m not talking five 700+ page epic novels here. I’m no Stephen King, or Stephen Hawking, or what was that other guys name? But I can see two or three poetry chapbooks, maybe a poetry collection, one or two standalone novels/novellas, one or two story collections, and perhaps even a memoir/non-fiction book. (Aside from me not being Psychic or anyone named Stephen, I’m also no Math Wizard, so please understand if my numbers here don’t add up to exactly five.)

January 2017, we’ll all meet back here to see how I did. That is, assuming the world still exists. But if it doesn’t, we won’t really care, will we? I mean, if that’s the case, and the world as we know it has been obliterated, I do hope you won’t still hold me to this little goal/prediction/thing I made. I mean after all, the end of the world seems like a pretty darn good excuse for not meeting milestones. A notch better than “the dog ate my homework,” I’d like to think. Besides, it’s all just for fun, isn’t it?

Well anyway, I’ve heard it said that it take ten years to become an overnight success. So when we meet again in 2017, assuming that the world is still the world and we are still alive and in it, (and assuming I’ve fulfilled the prophecy/met the goal),  I will be happily half-way there!

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