In My Own Blurbs Pt. 3: Feeding Lazarus

Okay folks, I’ve kept you in suspense long enough. Here’s the rough draft blurb for my novella, “Feeding Lazarus.” If you missed the other two blurb posts, you can check them out here: Pt. 1 and Pt. 2.

The MS that goes along with this blurb is nearly finished. I’m rounding out final revisions and will start submitting it to publishers very soon. If all goes well, we’ll hopefully see it published in a year or three! Okay,  enough stalling then. Here it is. Enjoy!

Daniel Jacobs is just your typical thirteen-year-old boy. He’s dealing with the onset of puberty and struggling to fit in—the kind of kid who’s surrounded by monsters and has a penchant for setting things on fire…

You see, Daniel lives in a darkening world of visceral horror. He awakens each day to find himself trapped in the onslaught of two very real nightmares. At school, he plays the role of loner and social outcast and suffers from a ritual of torment at the cruel hands of three resident bullies. At home, the madness appears to be even worse. His father’s been missing for years, replaced by a seemingly dangerous man—an alcoholic ex-convict who’s been secretly beating his mother.

When Daniel finds a dead body at an abandoned construction site—a dead body which just might be returning to life—his world is going to change. But will this grisly discovery be the key to Daniel’s salvation, or is it just another nightmare waiting to drag him straight to the pits of Hell?

About Wesley D. Gray

Wesley D. Gray is a writer, an author, and a poet. When he isn’t writing, he enjoys Geek status while claiming to be: a Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Geek, an RPG & tabletop gamer, a reader, a dreamer, a veteran, a Trekkie, a Whovian, an amateur photographer, a radiographer, nature-lover, lover of all things Lovecraft, coffeeholic, boxed wine enthusiast, and an all-around nice guy, among other things. View all posts by Wesley D. Gray

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